Tuolumne County Birding Spots

Groveland Comm Services District

Cherry Lake Road

Moccasin Creek

Groveland District Ranger Station

Long Gulch

Pine Mountain Lake

Tuolumne Trails

Click on any link to get directions to the spot, a description of the habitats, and the latest pdf database of sightings at this spot.

Click here to open an Excel spreadsheet showing the results of field trips since the last update of the .pdf databases.

The current spreadsheet covers April, 2017 . It may take a while to open the sheet especially later in each month.

If you would like to be notified when outings to these locations are scheduled, or an email on the day of the outing with results, please send an email to whzerd@whzerd.com

The Cherry Lake Road, Groveland District Ranger Station, and Long Gulch sites were all affected by the Rim Fire which occured in September and October of 2013. The data in these three sites do not show the actual bird life present in those months. All sites have been re-opened including the Cherry Lake Road area which re-opened on November 18, 2014.